Welcome to Tobin Acupuncture and Anti-Aging Center. Our practice is based on the Oriental Medicine principal of prevention. We strive to identify a potential problem before any symptoms have even appeared. A Comprehensive health evaluation determines over-all health. We look for the root cause of the problem rather than just treat symptoms. Frequently when we correct the root of problem "A", we also correct problem "B" and "C". What people frequently write-off as just aging, is actually the body's reduced healing abilities. We reverse the signs of aging by getting the body working at its best.
We specialize in treatment of the following type issues:

Fatigue and Pain

Medication Reduction / Elimination

Women's issues

Weight Loss

Our Staff:
Professional Acupuncture Staff trained and licensed as Primary Care Physicians by California State Acupuncture Board with minimum of Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine. Our Treatment Physicians are professionally trained and tested by California State Acupuncture Board for knowledge of herbal usage and herb-drug interaction.